Agroshift, a Bangladeshi agri-tech startup which enables businesses to source produce directly from farmers, has announced it has raised $1.8 million in funding, making it the largest-ever pre-seed round for any Bangladeshi startup.

  • The round was co-led by UAE-based Shorooq Partners, a leading technology investor in the Middle East, along with Anchorless Bangladesh, a New York-based early-stage VC firm active in the local startup ecosystem.
  • Founded in March 2022 by Qazi Bouland, Agroshift helps farmers sell their products to businesses and consumers by merging the physical and digital worlds for a "phy-gital" business model – for demand aggregation, sourcing, and delivery.
  • Agroshift works directly with farmers and traders in a micro-fulfilment model to source daily needs like vegetables, fruits, grains, and meat.
  • This enables RMG workers to get direct access to high-quality and affordable fresh produce. Using the same infrastructure, Agroshift is also supplying the surrounding micro-retailers of these factories.
  • The company is currently focusing on two primary sales channels–factories, specifically ready-made garments (RMG), and micro-retailers, with a combined addressable market size of approximately $11 billion.