Techloy is a technology media company focused on providing business information, data and analysis for the technology industry across emerging and frontier markets globally.

At Techloy, we create and curate the most important topics around technology, startups, and venture capital in the world's leading emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

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Our Origin

From its early beginnings as a blog, Techloy obsessively profiled startups, broke the biggest news, reported exclusive stories, produced stellar reviews, crafted incisive opinions, and produced a thought-provoking analysis of the technology industry.

Since its founding in 2008, Techloy has continued to build on its reputation as the most authoritative news publication covering the technology scene across Africa.

Little wonder that Forbes described Techloy back in 2012 as Africa’s most authoritative technology blog. And Samara Lynn, Technology editor for Black Enterprise magazine said the award-winning blog's reputation as the best site covering the African tech scene is well-deserved.

Our Mission

Over the years, Techloy’s forward-thinking approach as a digital publication has seen it evolve from a niche blog to a technology media company providing deeper insights into news stories that matter around the economy, technology, mobile, business, and finance.

Because Techloy started out and grew out of a passion to obsessively cover the startup culture and tech ecosystems across Africa, the blog-turned-technology company will prioritise tracking and analysing the data around startups, venture capital, mobile, telecoms, and the technology industry in general.

While digging deeper into these exciting industries like no other platform is doing right now, the new Techloy will also be tracking the numbers that matter behind the world's emerging economies and fast-growing companies across several industries using charts, infographics, etc to tell the stories you need to know.

Our Vision

Techloy's goal is to become a leading technology media and research company providing business and financial information for the technology industry in emerging markets globally.

To date, Techloy remains independent, bootstrapped, and privately held, which differentiates us in the increasingly complicated tech media landscape. And as such, we are free from the influence of any government, corporate, or individual interests.

Techloy is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and is independently owned and operated with the pioneering spirit of a startup and with writers, editors, graphic designers, and data journalists working remotely from various locations.

Our Products

We are, and will always be, data-focused, data-driven, and data-powered.

As a data-as-a-service technology platform, Techloy will design and publish insights and data from reliable sources in form of charts and infographics that highlight the most important news stories, helping you to understand topics and trends that matter, so you or your company can make better and informed decisions.

We welcome companies and organizations around the world to partner with us to bring their thought leadership and messages to a business and technology audience through the sponsorships of our newsletters, The Draft and ChartBox, branded content, and our research and intelligence products.

To learn more about Techloy’s data products and services, kindly get in touch or say hello for a discussion of your needs and budget or request our rates card.