South Africa-based biotechnology company Maltento has raised $3.3 million in funding, led by Sand River Venture Capital, to grow insect-based feed solutions. The investment represents a significant advancement in the company's mission to develop novel, long-lasting solutions for the animal feed business.

Maltento draws inspiration from insects and focuses on creating wholesome, regular, and beneficial nutrition products for markets that sell animal feed all over the world. It has a facility in Epping that can fly 15 tonnes of soldier larvae to the United States each month. This high-protein supplement to chicken feed improves the health of the birds while assisting South Africans in finding employment.

Founded in 2018 by Dean Smorenburg and Dominic Malan, Maltento is a biotechnology company specializing in regenerative nutrition. It focuses on the development of a novel biotechnological process to convert by-products from the brewing industry into sustainable natural nutritional ingredients derived from insects.

With the $3.3 million funding from Sand River, Maltento will be able to further its distinct approach to insect biotechnology and continue creating Palate+, a cutting-edge method to enhance food flavour.

The firm also hopes to introduce Palate+ in additional nations like the United States and the European Union. Maltento believes that this will result in global expansion, greater job opportunities, and a more highly skilled South African workforce.