Got a news tip, a product announcement, or a startup feature?

If you would like to feature some piece of news, a product announcement, or a startup launch, Techloy provides a great platform that reaches key emerging markets, with a primary focus on Africa and Asia.

Reach out to us via email and provide as much information about the news item, product, or startup. If we find it newsworthy or worth sharing, we may reach out to you to ask a few questions to assist us with telling your story.

For sponsored content and advertorials, reach out to us via email to discuss your needs and budget. For voice or video call-ins and meeting schedules, kindly connect with Techloy via Hubspot, WhatsApp, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Duo, or Whereby. You can also reach @techloy across our social media channels.

Got a product message or an upcoming brand campaign?

We welcome companies and organizations around the world to partner with us to bring their thought leadership and messages to a business and technology audience through the sponsorships of our newsletters, The Draft and ChartBox, branded content, and our research and intelligence products.

We offer several content-based plans including:

  • Product marketing - lets you get your products in front of our digital audience through product placements, app promotion, job placements, product reviews, or event promotion.
  • Content marketing - allows you to communicate your brand messages with our digital audience through sponsored content, newsletter sponsorship, or branded partnership.
  • Social media marketing - brings your products and messages together to reach a wider digital audience through highly engaging social media events including Podcasts, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse events, Facebook and Instagram Live, etc.
  • Information marketing - lets you bring to life your product and brand information through infographics, presentations, whitepapers, and e-books.
  • Video marketing - allows you to communicate your product and brand messages through animated and promotional videos of apps, gadgets, games, and startups.
Whether you're looking to get your startup or product announcement featured or you want to create a strong impact for your brand or client in the digital media space, is the right place. Learn how our digital marketing solutions can illuminate your brand on the Internet.