Devtron, an India-based open-source integration platform for Kubernetes, has announced that it has raised $12 million in funding led by the New York-based private equity firm Insight Partners.

  • Devtron, founded by Prashant Ghidiyal, Nishant Kumar & Rajesh Razdan in 2019 provides low code software delivery platform for Kubernetes built on popular open source tools like Argo and Clair.
  • In simple terms, Devtron works as a software delivery platform on the open-source system Kubernetes, which is used for automating software deployment, scaling and management.
  • Kubernetes was originally designed by Google but is now maintained by a Linux Foundation called Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
  • The startup intends to use the new capital to scale its team, drive adoption of its platform and expand into new markets.
  • “Since becoming open source, we have seen thousands of nimble startups across the globe installing Devtron every month, along with many fast-growing startups, as our commercial customers. It's an exciting time of growth and development of our market-defining product,” said Ghildiyal, cofounder and CEO of Devtron.