American Automaker, Ford Motor says it has achieved its goal of becoming the second best-selling automaker of electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2023, a report by CNBC stated.

Ford, citing third-party industry data, claimed that it narrowly topped Hyundai/Kia to hit the goal, however, Tesla still remains the industry leader by a wide margin, even as it has been losing market share as more EV makers enter the market.

The automaker claimed its share of the electric vehicle segment was 7.4% through November, up from 5.7% a year earlier.

Ford reported sales of 53,752 all-electric vehicles in the U.S. through November. While Hyundai’s sales do not include the Nexo hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the company says with that vehicle, it slightly outsold Ford in battery- and fuel cell-powered vehicles of 54,043 units through November.

Tesla, which does not release domestic results, reported global deliveries of more than 908,000 EVs through the third quarter.

Tesla has long-dominated U.S. EV sales. But with more EVs becoming available, S&P Global Mobility reported its market share of new registered electric vehicles in the U.S. stood at 65% through the third quarter, down from 71% last year and 79% in 2020.

While holding onto the No. 2 spot may prove challenging, General Motors CEO Mary Barra has said the company plans to top Tesla in EV sales by mid-decade, as America’s largest automaker plans to significantly step up EV production in the coming years.