Social media platform Twitter has launched a new financial feature called $Cashtags that enables users to search the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) simply by typing their names or tickers into the search tab.

As per official updates, the primary purpose of $Cashtags is to provide data to Twitter users. This data will include pricing graphs for major symbols of stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrency.

The official Twitter Business account explained that “When you Tweet the symbol of a major stock, ETF, or cryptocurrency with a $ in front of it (like $BTC), people on Twitter see a clickable link that takes them to search results. Starting today, these search results will include the pricing graphs for major symbols.”


Elon Musk, the Chief Twit, can also be seen appreciating the team’s work in his tweet. However, as per official updates, this will not be the extent of Twitter’s new feature.

In the coming days, the team is expected to expand its horizon in terms of user experience and coverage of symbols.

We'll bring you more updates as we know more.