Chinese search giant, Baidu has revealed more details about its new intelligent chatbot, the Ernie Bot, which is built on top of the company’s large language model, ERNIE.

The search giant plans to integrate the bot into its ecosystem of services, including Baidu Search, its content distribution platform, and Baidu AI Cloud, as well as its in-car voice assistant, Xiaodu.

The integration of ERNIE Bot with Baidu Search is expected to revolutionize the search experience and provide a new interactive and chat experience for users, as well as uniquely generated content that will enrich the content ecosystem.

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The ERNIE Bot will also provide services through Baidu AI Cloud, a shift in focus from basic cloud services to the framework, model, and synergy between the model, framework, chip, and application. This move is expected to fundamentally rewrite the rules of the game in the cloud computing market.

The integration of ERNIE Bot with Xiaodu will significantly expand Xiaodu's ability to converse with users, making it smarter and more understanding, and allowing it to provide more versatile intelligent assistance to users.

However, Ernie Bot will have to navigate China's strict censorship rules, which may compromise the user experience of the supposedly free-wheeling generative AI. Nonetheless, Baidu's move to develop the Ernie Bot, with its many integrations, shows the company's ambition to push the boundaries of AI technology and become a leader in the field.