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The world is at the cusp of an AI revolution, with companies across all sectors investing heavily in the development and integration of this technology into their products and services.

OpenAI's ChatGPT has been at the forefront of this movement, quickly growing to over 100 million daily active users after its launch in November of last year. For context, it took Facebook four and a half years to reach 100 million DAU.

The success of ChatGPT has prompted large tech companies like Microsoft to invest heavily in AI, with the recent $10 billion investment in OpenAI serving as a testament to the potential of this technology. Interestingly, the tech giant recently revealed its updated search engine Bing created in collaboration with OpenAI and claimed that it is "more powerful than ChatGPT."

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has also shown his support for AI, stating in an interview that new programs like ChatGPT will change the world by making office jobs more efficient. He believes that AI is every bit as important as the PC, and the internet, and is going to be "debated as the hottest topic of 2023."

Google, not to be outdone, has also launched its own AI chatbot called Bard, while Baidu, the largest search engine company in China, is set to debut its own AI chatbot service in March., one of China's largest e-commerce companies, has also announced plans to launch its own AI chatbot.

Quora has also entered the AI market with its new chatbot POE. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is reportedly testing its own rival to ChatGPT, joining in the AI chatbot frenzy that has taken up 2023 by storm.

Apart from these big companies, several Chinese startups are also exploring generative AI and have attracted investors like Sequoia and Sinovation Ventures. The investments from tech giants and the rapid growth of AI-based products like ChatGPT demonstrate the tremendous potential of this technology.

With more and more companies investing in AI research and development, the future looks bright for this revolutionary technology, which has the potential to greatly impact our lives, work, and interactions with the world around us.

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On a lighter note, what do robots eat for snacks? Micro-Chips 😀

– Yeboah, Data Reporter at

Disclaimer: I am not a robot and no AI chatbot was utilized in curating, writing or editing this edition of The Draft.

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