Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is reportedly testing its own rival to ChatGPT, joining in the AI chatbot frenzy that has taken up 2023 by storm.

The e-commerce giant is one of the latest tech companies to start working on its own generative AI chatbot that can do anything from mimicking human-like conversations to writing emails, coming up with programming codes, and giving generic investing advice.

In fact, several established big techs have either started investing in artificial intelligence technology or announced their own natural language processing AI models to power chatbots.

Microsoft invested an additional $10 billion into OpenAI - ChatGPT creator, in January after an initial $1 billion in 2019. Google parent Alphabet also announced the launch of its own AI chatbot Bard and Chinese search-engine giant Baidu is also not left out in this so-called AI arms race.

Investors' sentiment in the AI landscape has also been positive. The latest AI stock boom has boosted the value of companies, from AI provider to Buzzfeed, who have jumped on the ChatGPT bandwagon in one way or another, according to Business Insider.