With an ever-increasing global demand for technological expertise as the world makes a shift towards technological transformation, software skills are becoming an ever-needed skill set for aspiring developers or software technology experts.

The global software industry continues to grow, it becomes ever more important to stay up-to-date with the most in-demand top coding languages in 2023 and the latest development trends.

Techloy has curated a list of widely used software languages and frameworks based on feedback data gathered by CodinGame from about 14,000 developers from 131 countries, with diverse professional and personal backgrounds and a recruiter community of roughly 4,200 people who hire technical profiles as part of their jobs from 98 countries, with varying professional experience and responsibilities.

The Techloy Chart below shows a relatively aligned demand and supply between developers and recruiters for the three most popular languages: Python, JavaScript, and Java. This is consistent with previous years.

For the most part, Node.js, React, and .NETCore were the best-known and the most in-demand frameworks. Angular 2+ continues to lack specialists vs. demand, but its popularity is declining among devs. In 2021, 17% of respondents said they know Angular 2+, compared to 12.3% in 2023.

The IT services and technology industries were the main represented industries, followed by finance. Over a third of participants work in a company with more than 1,000 employees. The most common positions held were full-stack and back-end developers.