The UK government and Ukraine have signed a Digital Trade Agreement (DTA) to provide much-needed support for the Ukrainian economy following Russia’s illegal invasion, the UK's Department for International Trade said in a press release.

It is Ukraine’s first-ever digital trade deal that will support its economy through the current crisis and lay foundations for its recovery and revival.

The deal is the second such agreement for the UK and following its decision to cut tariffs on all goods from Ukraine to zero under the existing UK-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement.

Trading digitally is particularly important in the current conflict, where damage to Ukrainian infrastructure and warfare makes it much harder to trade physically. Digital tools and technologies will help Ukrainians access everyday vital goods and services during the war.

Based on the deal, Ukraine will have guaranteed access to the financial services crucial for reconstruction efforts through the deal’s facilitation of cross-border data flows. It also establishes greater cooperation between the UK and Ukraine on cybersecurity and emerging technologies, helping to keep UK and Ukrainian businesses and people safer.

By streamlining digital border processes, Ukrainian businesses will be able to better access the digitally delivered goods and services they need to succeed. They will also be able to trade more efficiently and cheaply with the UK through electronic transactions, e-signatures, and e-contracts.