The US Department of Energy (DEO) says it has granted $2.8 billion to 20 companies in its first phase of the $9 billion Infrastructure Law to promote clean energy and the use of electrified transport.

  • The 20 companies will use the received fund to expand commercial-scale facilities in 12 states to extract and process lithium, graphite and other battery materials and undertake new approaches, involving the manufacturing of battery components from recycled materials.
  • The recipients will also make investments to leverage a total of more than $9 billion to boost American production of clean technology, generate employment opportunities, assist disadvantaged communities and secure a reliable and sustainable battery supply chain.
  • This new funding will set the USA on a scale to process and recycle critical minerals to push local manufacturing of battery production for electric vehicles (EVs) and its electrical grid reducing its dependence on foreign sources for many of the processed versions of critical minerals needed to produce EV batteries.