The Web3 sector of the blockchain industry was the most active in terms of investment during 2022, with 616 individual deals, according to a recent report by Cointelegraph. This sector brought in a total of $9.2 billion in investment, with an average deal size of $15.4 million.

In contrast, the CeFi sector was the least popular, with 201 deals and an average deal size of $46.6 million. The report suggests that blockchain and crypto projects seeking venture capital or investment funding in the future should pay attention to which sector they fall into in order to better prepare.

The report also found that the number of deals dropped considerably in Q4 2022, with only 182 deals in total. This is a significant decline compared to previous months, where large deals above $100 million were more common. However, in Q4, there were only five deals above $100 million.

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