Microsoft Kenya is rumoured to have laid off an unknown number of employees from its Africa Development Centre in Nairobi, with at least 20 product managers reportedly set to lose their jobs.

While Microsoft has not made an official statement regarding the layoffs, the company previously announced a global restructuring strategy that would run until the end of Q3 2023. The layoffs in Kenya have raised concerns, especially in the African tech industry, where Microsoft is a significant player.

The layoff announcement has caused anxiety among the affected employees, who may not be able to disclose details due to nondisclosure agreements. While layoffs are not new to Microsoft, the African tech market may feel a significant impact from the decision, especially since the company has been promoting digital literacy and access across the country.

The situation also raises questions about the compensation for the affected African employees. While other globally affected employees have reportedly received attractive severance packages, it is unclear what the compensation for the affected employees in Africa will be.

In recent months, Twitter and Google have also laid off employees in Africa. Some employees expressed concern about weak labour laws in certain African countries that do not offer sufficient severance packages, leaving them at the mercy of their employers.