In a report by Nairametrics, the newly formed team of the social media giant Twitter, in its Ghana office, took some heat from the series of global layoffs undertaken by the company last week barely three days after workers resumed.

The firm, which was launched in Africa and headquartered in Accra, Ghana in 2021, had most of its employees working remotely from their respective homes and countries. The office space however was opened less than a week ago, welcoming the arrival of employees that have previously worked from their various conveniences.

The firm had undertaken a company-wide layoff in a bid to reduce headcount upon the acquisition of Elon Musk, cutting off about 3700 employees (50% of its workforce).

The global job cuts undertaken by the social platform late last week saw some of its African employees, including the Senior Partner Manager, lose access to company emails and workspaces. He confirmed in a tweet that he was fired alongside others via a tweet.

This new move by the microblogging platform has since been met with mixed reactions, with some going on the platform to express their displeasure, while some appreciated the opportunity to have worked with the platform.