Elon Musk, Twitter CEO has said that the social media platform has surpassed a staggering 8 billion user minutes per day. To put that in perspective, users cumulatively spend about 5.5 million (in days' worth) on the platform every day.

As Musk shared in his tweet on Sunday, "This platform is growing fast! Just exceeded 8 billion user-minutes per day...of the most influential smartest people on Earth."

This comes at a time when Musk is trying to shore up the revenue for the microblogging platform from different sources as advertising dollars continue to decrease.

The billionaire also announced a slew of improvements that'll be coming to the platform in the not-too-distant future. One is, Twitter would be open-sourcing all the code used to recommend tweets starting from the end of this month. This will allow developers to contribute to the recommendation algorithm. Additionally, the platform will soon prioritize responses from followers, verified accounts, and unverified accounts.

In a separate tweet, Musk mentioned that Twitter will use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and highlight instances of public opinion manipulation in the coming months as part of Twitter's ongoing efforts to create a secure and transparent environment for its users.

Twitter has also recently launched a feature allowing iOS users to view the number of times their tweets have been bookmarked by others. This will provide valuable insights to users and enable them to better understand the popularity and impact of their tweets.