If you want to enhance your organization's productivity with talented apprentices in engineering, Andela has the right program.

The talent development company has a large pool of talented developers who’ve undergone intensive training in the PERN (PosgreSQL & MongoDB, Express. React, Node) software stack, alongside soft skills, and wants your organisation to hire them to build your business.

The program offers companies the opportunity to build their team with graduate apprentices from the Andela Technical Leadership Program (ATLP). Interestingly, you can hire your apprentice directly, and immediately if you like their work, after the three-month period.

So far, ATLP has successfully trained 380 junior engineers across 10 African countries and currently has 70% of its alumni currently employed across these countries.

The ATLP is open to companies that leverage software to scale their businesses and/or are interested in ATLP apprentices working with them to build or maintain their products.

This means it would be supporting participants through the 12-week program, including performance management via a strong and tight feed loop between the apprentice and the organization’s team lead to ensure the apprentice is fully aware of all expectations and act accordingly.

It is believed that companies that join the program will be contributing to the development of technical talent on the African continent.