Smartphone sales in China faced a tough time during Q2 2023, as they recorded a 4% dip compared to the previous year. This figure represents the lowest Q2 sales since 2014, according to Counterpoint’s Market Pulse Service.

Despite the 618 e-commerce festival providing a smartphone sales boost, resulting in a 25% month-on-month growth in June, the overall year-on-year performance in Q2 remained weak, recording a 6% year-on-year decline for the entire month of June.

In terms of market share, vivo led the pack with a 17.7% share, followed closely by Apple and OPPO (including OnePlus), both capturing a 17.2% share, as the Techloy chart below illustrates. Notably, Apple maintained strong sales performance with a 7% year-on-year growth, primarily due to its unchallenged position in the premium segment.

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