ConfiAbogado, a legal tech startup based in Mexico City, is reshaping the legal landscape in Latin America. Founded in 2020 by brothers Emiliano and Julián Ruiz, ConfiAbogado is on a mission to break down the barriers that have traditionally limited access to legal services for everyday individuals, using technology.

The idea for ConfiAbogado was born out of the realization that exorbitant legal costs were preventing many Latin Americans from seeking the legal assistance they needed. In a region where only one in every 11 individuals could afford legal advice, the Ruiz brothers saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Now, the online legal firm has raised $1.65 million in a seed funding round to venture into new verticals and cities, with ambitious plans to triple its geographic presence.

The round was led by Tuesday Capital alongside other investors like DTB Capital, Seedstars International Ventures, 500 Global, Invariants, Goodwater, GAIN Capital, and Side Door Ventures. It had previously raised $60,000 in a pre-seed round in 2022 bringing the total raised to $1.7 million, per Crunchbase.

ConfiAbogado employs a technology-driven approach to provide high-volume legal solutions at reduced costs. Its proprietary system allows customers to input case details, and within minutes, the platform drafts the best legal strategy and generates necessary legal documents, revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of legal services.

This innovative approach has driven the startup to rapid growth, attracting more than 250 new customers each month and increasing its revenue tenfold in just one year.