Exits.me, an Egypt-based fintech investment banking marketplace, has raised $1 million in its pre-seed round funding from UK-based Exits.me, a host of business angels, Baseeta Investments Holding and Malweni Holding for Financial Investments, and their founders.

  • The capital will be used to support the investment startup in bridging the gap in the merger and acquisition and funding space for startups in the Middle East and North Africa region, it claims.
  • Startups in the MENA region which are unable to raise funds from conventional investment banks appear to be shut off opportunities and this is where Exits.me comes in by creating a platform to allow startups in this category to fundraise, merge or secure acquisitions. The platform enables funding for SMEs and startups, offers crowdfunding services, and provides investment opportunities to startups.
  • The startup is currently facilitating over 25 deals on its platform, with 30 in the pipeline, all worth $150 to $200 million. It looks to increase investment awareness in the region and spread education on the importance of early investments across verticals, it says.
  • The angel investors in the round include Omar Amer, Abdulmuguid Amer, Omar Wagdy, Adham Wagdy, and Ayman Essawy among others.