Finnovating, a leading AI-driven platform for tech companies, has unveiled MatchGPT®, the world's first Match Generative Pre-Trained Transformer designed to foster B2B collaborations and accelerate business connections for technology and innovation.

The platform was developed using OpenAI and AI-owned algorithms and is powered by exclusive data from the Finnovating Platform, an AI-Deal Matching Platform for Tech Companies.

Addressing a significant challenge faced by tech companies, Finnovating aims to tackle falling Returns on Advertisement and Investment Ratios by facilitating business and innovation between corporations and tech start-ups.

The possibilities with MatchGPT® are vast, enabling users to identify leading B2B fintech companies, expand businesses to new markets, discover key connections, and explore lucrative opportunities.

MatchGPT® differentiates itself from ChatGPT through its focus on B2B matchings and interactions, serving companies interested in technology, innovation, and business. While ChatGPT is a generic B2C solution, MatchGPT® acts as an intelligent assistant to match, connect, and facilitate transactions, effectively reducing the gap between companies worldwide.

MatchGPT® utilizes proprietary behavioural and transactional data from the Finnovating platform, providing personalized results to registered users, while ChatGPT relies on more generic information from the web.

The Finnovating platform, which has gathered over 20 million interactions among 100,000 tech companies, provided the foundation for training MatchGPT®, a groundbreaking AI-driven solution for matching and fostering collaboration.