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oraimo has long become a household name in Nigeria and entrenched herself in the tech world. You could walk down a random street and be greeted by a flurry of people rocking any oraimo product you can think of.

This is no coincidence, but a result of the hard work and continuous improvement oraimo put into creating quality and affordable products for her consumers in Nigeria.

oraimo stocks keep on rising in the Nigerian market as she makes herself a lifestyle brand. There is an oraimo product to suit all your lifestyle needs, be it keeping your phone powered up with the oraimo power bank and chargers or getting your energy level powered up with the oraimo FreePods.

The FreePods by oraimo is one of their most popular products and consumers apparently cannot seem to get enough of it. Who would blame them anyway?

This is evident in how much lovers of entertainment (music and movies) loved the FreePods 2 when it was launched last year. This was a product that was widely accepted by youths and adults alike. The fact that you can get music on the go on an ear-pod that is affordable, has the quality and lasts for a playtime of 3.5hours and talk time of 3 hours and with the help of a charging case, you can extend the music playtime to 24.5 hours which means you can use it all day, has made the FreePods 2 people’s favourite in Nigeria.

Interestingly, oraimo decided to go back to the drawing board to improve on the excellent FreePods 2 and give us an upgrade on the power department.

Drum roll guys, the FreePods 3 gives you power on the go, way more than you get with the Freepods 2.

Let me break it down for you. With the FreePods 3, you get 8 hours of playtime compared to the 3.5 hours you get on the FreePods 2, you also get 5.5 hours of talk time compared to the 3 hrs you get on the FreePods 2, and with the compact charging case which comes with a 500mah battery, you get 28 more hours which means the FreePods 3 last you more than a day. To top that up,  you also get a playing time of 36 hours and the compact charge case also comes with a type C charge which supports a fast charge allowing you to power up the charging case rapidly.

Audio is a huge part of our lives, be it by talking to loved ones, playing music, or watching your favourite movie and it is obvious oraimo has given proper consideration to making every sound utterly pleasing with the FreePods 3.

oraimo keeps making things easy for us by giving an always ready to go FreePods 3 which means you can charge your earbud for 5 mins and take them out to play for 40 minutes and you can bring out your earbuds into action in the last minutes before commuting or starting your exercise.

oraimo is a lifestyle brand tailored to suit all your lifestyle wants and this is evident in the upgrade made to the FreePods 3. Power on the go is everyone’s wish and that is what you get with the FreePods 3.

Word out also based on the launch is that oraimo will soon be releasing their new power bank with the largest capacity in Nigeria, the 40000 mAh, PowerBox 400. This power bank charges your phone 6-9 times! It powers your phones, tablets and other mobile devices during travel, business and power outages. oraimo has also introduced a new technology for its power series AniFast technology, Anifast is oraimo's exclusive smart-charging technology.

It intelligently identifies the fast-charging protocol of your mobile to deliver the speediest possible charge. It supports basically all Quick Charge protocols like PD 3.0 & QC 3.0 for the latest phones.

For Sound, the oraimo has introduced an all-new exclusive sound technology called HavyBass, the oraimo exclusive bass boost system, which will be applied in oraimo audio products. They have cooperated with world-class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, to deliver the best sound quality. Knowing that Africans like bass, they have also made the 2baba tuned version great for afrobeat.

You can pre-order the New oraimo FreePods 3 from the oraimo official e-commerce website. Also, oraimo customers are eligible for a one-year warranty on oraimo products purchased subject to terms and conditions.

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