Google's chatbot Bard is stepping up its game to give its rival ChatGPT a run for its money. In an exciting update, Bard is unleashing two impressive improvements that are set to enhance its capabilities and make interactions even more delightful.

The first enhancement focuses on Bard's prowess in handling mathematical tasks, coding questions, and string manipulation. Thanks to this upgrade, Google says Bard's responses to queries involving calculation will be more accurate than ever before.

But that's not all. Bard is also introducing a nifty feature that will allow you to export generated tables directly to Google Sheets. Now, when Bard creates a table for tasks, you can effortlessly transfer it to Sheets with just a few clicks. It's a seamless way to organize and manage data like a pro!

Google rolls out its own AI chatbot in 180 countries
Google is rolling out its artificial intelligence (AI) conversational chatbot, Bard in more than 180 countries and making it available to millions of users. Before now, the generative AI technology product was available to people who were accepted from a waitlist in the U.S. and the UK. Now, the

What makes these improvements truly fascinating is the underlying technology called "implicit code execution." Inspired by the intricate workings of human intelligence, Bard combines the best of two thinking systems. On one hand, System 1 operates lightning-fast and intuitive text generation without deep thought - LLMs. System 2, on the other hand, is slower and more deliberate, handling complex tasks that require deeper reasoning and methodical calculation.

By combining the strength of both systems, Bard can now tackle complex problems with advanced reasoning and logic improving the accuracy and reliability of its responses to mathematical tasks, coding questions and string manipulation prompts by up to 30%. But while Bard's newfound abilities are undoubtedly impressive, Google acknowledges that perfecting the system is still a work in progress.