"Music is the universal language of mankind." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Throughout history, music has been a powerful means of communicating thoughts, emotions, ideas, intentions, and more.

Just like our bodies need food and energy to survive, music acts as food for the soul, rejuvenating it, and filling it with energy and vitality.

Music has also been of great importance towards the productivity of work, innovation of ideas and stirring a shift from laziness to an uber sense of hyperactivity.

According to scientists, the seven types of work music are white noise, instrumentals, classical music, feel-good songs, pump-up songs, nature sounds and video game soundtracks – all of which are helpful especially during creative blocks and stress.

While at work, it may be difficult to pick a work music playlist, so here are two easy ways to guide you in creating a work music playlist.

Use Upbeat Songs/Sounds

Upbeat songs have a way of letting loose and easing off the β€œboredom” faced and experienced during work (especially for those working in tech). Under this category, the use of feel-good, pump-up, video game soundtracks and a few instrumental sounds are used.

  • This playlist gives a means of motivation, and inspiration, and creates the needed enthusiasm for the day.
  • This playlist gives that sense of thrill and fulfilment to navigate through a tough day at work and artists under this category are superheroes with the high power to uplift a gloomy mood for the day.
  • Most broadcast stations have understood this and that is why, most times, their playlists begin with a soul mix moving up to mid or up-tempo songs by mid-day, charging up the listeners towards work.

Use of Chill Sounds

In curating a playlist for chill sounds, the concept of having songs that are breezy and calm to enable the clearing of one's head comes to mind. Most times, songs understand this are white noise, soft instrumentals, nature sounds and classical music.

  • It is most times easier to ease the tension of work, maintain cognitive functioning, concentrate and increase the level of satisfaction.
  • Chill sounds are very important, especially when there are deadlines to meet, accompanied by creeping anxiety.

Below is Spotify Work Music Playlist:

Note: Some of these songs contain languages that can't be aired on speakers at work.


If you're struggling at work and finding it hard to concentrate and complete tasks assigned, I'd recommend that you add music to your list of things to do for the day as it helps in improving your attentiveness and skill set.

And if you're struggling with concentration while working with music, I'd suggest a review of your music playlist. It is important to balance work and music. Both go hand-in-hand and shouldn't be a distraction or subtraction to the other.

FUN FACT: "Weightless" by English ambient music band, Marconi Union is scientifically the most relaxing music.