Android’s Digital Wellbeing feature tracks your daily screen time and notifications. To manage your screen time, the digital well-being feature is to be enabled.

The Digital Wellbeing dashboard shows a rundown of your screen time, including how much you stare at your phone daily and the time you spend on various apps. This is useful for gaining insight into how much you use your phone or an app, and also, how to manage the usage.

There are various ways provided by the Digital Wellbeing feature to manage screen time. For instance, you can set a daily timer for your most used apps so you don't find yourself in a loop wasting.

Once you pass your maximum time limit, you’ll get a notification, the app icon will grey out, and you won’t be able to open it until after midnight unless you turn it off manually.

In this guide, we will walk you through the various ways to manage your screen time.

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