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So you're interested in a technology role at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Apple, and other technology companies and wondering what you might say during an interview or what technical topics you should prepare for?

Generally, interviews for technical roles such as Software Development or Software Engineering typically require that you perform some coding tests, online assessment, and system design whiteboarding exercises.

But before you delve into the technical topics you may be asked about during your interview, you need to first connect with your recruiting point of contact to understand the subjects and skills that you would most likely be discussing and demonstrating.

Depending on the technical role that you're applying for, most interviews would cover topics including Programming language, Data structures, Algorithms, Coding, Object-oriented design, Databases, Distributed computing, Operating systems, Internet technology (DNS lookups, TCP/IP, etc), and General machine learning and artificial intelligence topics.

As you prepare your knowledge and understanding of these topics, take note that interviewers would not be evaluating your ability to memorize all of the details for each of these topics. Rather, they will be looking for your ability to apply what you know to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

It is also recommended that you review computer science fundamentals and practice coding outside of an integrated development environment, as this would save you the time to cover all the topics while preparing for a technical interview.

Interested in interviewing for a software engineer role that requires at least 2 years of experience? Why not start by learning how to successfully demonstrate your skills in interviews.