Brightchamps, an India-based edtech platform offering varying educational contents, has acquired a Singapore-based communication and English-learning platform, Schola, in a $15 million deal.

  • With this new acquisition, Brightchamps will launch English-learning and communication verticals, to enable it to scale faster in its key market in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. It recently sets aside $100 million to acquire edtech startups across the UK, US, MENA, Southeast Asia, and India in the financial year 2023.
  • Schola offers varied courses for kids between 4-15 years to develop capacities in communications, public speaking, leadership presentation, and confidence building. It currently offers courses in 12 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan,and ┬áMalaysia, among others.
  • Brightchamps is an Indian edtech platform offering courses on programming and artificial intelligence for the K12 education segment. The edtech is currently operational in 30 foreign countries among which are Canada, the US, Nigeria, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It also provides courses on financial literacy, coding, and robotics for the 6-16 age.
  • It last raised $51 million in funding in November 2021 at a $500 million valuation and has raised $63 million in funding since its launch.