In recent years, Latin American health tech startups have outperformed other sectors in terms of growth and investment. The healthcare industry witnessed an astonishing 4,700% annual financing increase in 2021, far exceeding the 1,800% growth of the broader startup ecosystem.

One standout among these thriving startups is Pharma B2B SaaS Leucine, co-founded by Vivek Gera and Mustaq Singh Bijral in 2019. In a recent Series A funding round, Leucine secured an impressive $7 million led by Ecolab, with participation from Pravega Ventures, Axilor Ventures, Techstars, and angel investors.

Leucine offers a no-code platform designed to streamline and enhance compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It tackles the industry's traditional, manual, and paper-based compliance processes, aiming to eliminate compliance failures and reduce costs for pharmaceutical companies.

As part of this funding round, Leucine introduced "Leucine 10x," an AI-based framework for pharmaceutical manufacturing to identify and organize relevant processes and regulations more efficiently. The company has successfully implemented its solutions in over 300 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities across 10 countries, including the United States, India, Brazil, and Mexico. Leucine's clientele includes prominent pharmaceutical companies such as Cadila, Dr. Reddy's, and Cipla.

Over the past year, Leucine has nearly doubled the number of manufacturing facilities using its platform, with significant growth seen in the United States, LatAm and India.

With the Series A investment, Leucine is poised to enhance its market exit strategy, strengthen its AI capabilities, and expand its specialized team, contributing to the thriving health tech ecosystem in Latin America.