Nigeria, home to a vast population exceeding 200 million people and boasting over 12 million registered vehicles, has long sustained a consistent demand for efficient vehicle maintenance and repair services.

Recognizing and responding to this ever-growing need is Fixit45, an innovative Nigerian startup operating in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Founded in 2021, Fixit45 has a primary focus on optimizing the automotive spare parts supply chain, vehicle repairs, and maintenance services and has established a robust network of over 300 operational workshops spread across nine major Nigerian cities to streamline this experience.

Through its innovative online-to-offline platform and strategic partnerships with more than 1,200 spare parts manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, including industry giants like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Mikano, and GAC Motors, Fixit45 serves over 4,000 clients across these cities.

To further empower its mission and expand its impact, Fixit45 recently secured an impressive $1.9 million in pre-seed funding.

The funding round, which was led by Launch Africa Ventures and other prominent investors such as Soumobroto Ganguly and Dave Delucia, along with a diverse group of angel investors, positions Fixit45 to expand its influence and extend its reach within the automotive technology aftermarket industry in Nigeria.

Yet, Fixit45's ambitions are not confined to Nigeria alone. The company is actively preparing for expansion into the African market, with a particular focus on East African countries such as Kenya and Uganda. A move that reflects Fixit45's commitment to meeting the rising demand for efficient vehicle maintenance and repair services across the African continent.

The timing of Fixit45's funding round aligns with the growing momentum within Nigeria's automotive aftermarket sector. Recently, Mecho Autotech, another key player in this space, secured $2.4 million in funding, further highlighting the industry's dynamism and potential for transformation.