In Singapore, as the nation strives towards digital transformation and becoming a tech-driven society, there is a pressing need for effective and secure communication of documents. There is also the issue of paper waste which poses a significant challenge, with approximately 1.136 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste generated in 2021 alone.

Recognizing this problem, ONEVIEW, a Singapore-based start-up, has secured S$4 million in seed funding from ADERA Global, Beyon Connect (part of the Beyon Group), and Cumulo9 to address the issue head-on.

The company plans to leverage this investment to develop and launch a comprehensive digital platform which aims to revolutionize bill payments and transform the way consumers and senders interact, providing a more convenient, sustainable, and spam-free digital communication experience.

By leveraging technology and digital solutions, ONEVIEW's platform will offer effective and secure communication between government agencies, business enterprises, and individuals, supporting Singapore's vision of a digital-first nation.

As part of their solution, ONEVIEW plans to roll out digital post box and communication services in Singapore by the end of the year. This service will allow users to conveniently access their documents and communications from multiple billers and senders within a single app.

In addition to its digital transformation efforts, ONEVIEW is committed to sustainability and reducing paper waste, aligning with Singapore's Green Plan 2030 which emphasizes the importance of green economic growth.

With its focus on innovation, environmental responsibility, and simplifying everyday digital communications, ONEVIEW is poised to make a significant impact in Singapore's digital landscape while contributing to the country's vision of a greener, tech-driven future.