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Two years ago, I was knee-deep in law books, navigating the intricacies of legal jargon as I prepared to embark on my career as a lawyer concluding my final year. But then, like a wizard wielding a wand, I underwent a transformation that saw me trading in my legal briefs for lines of code.

It’s no secret that I have never been content with Law. Law was a mundane chore to me, I wanted something different, something interesting. I wanted to wield God’s mind, create my own universe, perform miracles, you know, and tech felt like the closest to accomplishing that. So, I embarked on it.

With enthusiasm, passion, and my heart on my sleeves, I decided to dive into the world of tech. My transition began with a software engineering program at the Bayelsa State tech hub, after which I continued with YouTube tutorials.

Transitioning wasn’t easy, I had anxiety about a companion, suffered imposter syndrome, and gave up countless times. But here I am today, proficient in front-end, a technical writer, and now navigating back-end. I did not get here on my own, mind you, every milestone I hit was because of the people around me willing to help – Diseyi, Favour, and Eteims.

Throughout this journey, I've learnt some valuable lessons: consistency is key, embrace the enigma, ask for help, give up but get back up, and you’re not the first idiot.

Stay enchanted and keep believing in your own magic,


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