The year was 2020, the world had come to a grinding halt, and all my carefully laid out plans were hugging the tracks. As days stretched into weeks I grappled with an existential question of what I would do during this extended hiatus.

Out of the blue, a friend had the brilliant idea to enrol on a data analyst internship programme, for which the incentive was subsidized – very subsidized.

You see, I wasn't particularly fond of arithmetic, but I found myself crunching numbers and wading through complex data. From a budding medical professional to a young data analyst, that journey was one I hadn't foreseen.

If I couldn't help people get better, I could at least help nurse businesses back to health. That was how my career transformation into tech took off when the world took a breather.

But while you may not have another pandemic to pivot your career trajectory, life often leads us down exciting and fulfilling new paths when we least expect it, but you have to be ready for it. Like the famous martial artist Bruce Lee said; "be like water," a profound lesson in adaptability and the art of going with the flow.

So, don't be afraid to explore the idea of a career in tech and unlock that untapped potential.


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