Following a challenging 2022, and a rough start into 2023 in the tech industry including geopolitical tensions, high-interest rates, supply chain disruptions, inflation and falling demands, technological innovations remain one of the only growing bright spots in the industry.

However, these macroeconomic challenges are catalysts that continue to drive up the adoption of technological innovations by businesses. The economic crunch in the industry has made it extremely judicious for them to invest in innovation.

AI, digital twins, and real-time computing emerged at the top of the highlighted trends that will influence these technological developments and adoption in 2023. This is based on research by the market intelligence group Counterpoint about innovations that are at their inflection point in the new year.

Source: Counterpoint

According to the research, analysts expect to see the proliferation of AI-based solutions across industries with the success that ChatGPT saw through its release. Conversational chatbots and text using generative AI are ready for prime time in 2023 followed by code writing early next year.

Real-time computing is another trend that is expected to see a lot of activity, driven by the proliferation of IoT and 5G which has accelerated the demand for cloud computing applications.

Meanwhile, the use of digital twins is also expected to rise as AI solutions continue to grow, these virtual replicas function autonomously and use AI for making decisions. They also use AI to reflect and simulate assets, machines and processes in real-time.

Other notable trends include AI, Blockchain and IoT (ABIoT), Cybersecurity, eSIM ecosystem and eSIM, and Extended Reality (XR).