In an almost unending rollout of new features, WhatsApp is again releasing a myriad of new features. Personally, I have never had to update my WhatsApp application this frequently, as it seems like there's a never-ending stream of updates hitting the WhatsApp application these days.

One of the latest additions is the screen-sharing feature. Now available to beta testers using the version of the Android app, users will be able to confirm and begin sharing the contents of their screen on video calls after pressing the screen sharing button. Not only that, the feature also records the portion of the call that is shared, according to screenshots.

There's more.

WhatsApp is also introducing a username feature that could change how we connect with people on WhatsApp soon. The feature will allow users to be able to find each other by their username instead of relying solely on phone numbers to identify contacts.

And that's not all, users will soon have access to a nifty "status archive" setting that allows businesses to archive their statuses after 24 hours and reshare them at a later time. Say bye-bye to fleeting statuses disappearing forever.