Adobe, the multimedia software company that created software editing tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, has announced its plan to aid 3D content creation for the Metaverse, the virtual world that was created by Meta and other augmented reality companies.

  • The company which has invested in 3D (three-dimensional) creating software in recent years released two tools designed to make it faster and easier to make digital objects. The software tools will allow artists to easily create 3D (three-dimensional) content that is expected to factor prominently in the Metaverse.
  • The tools will let the artist use any camera – including smartphones – to take a series of pictures and meld it together in 3D digital objects. It will also allow them to create and design digital objects using augmented reality on their computers and switch to manipulate these objects with their hands in a virtual reality console.
  • According to François Cottin, the senior director of marketing for Substance 3D and Metaverse at Adobe, one of the use cases of the software "will be for e-commerce, where, for example, a shoe seller could let users with augmented reality virtually try on sneakers to see how they look on their feet."