Global content and cloud software conglomerate Adobe will look to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into all its product offers rather than using these technologies to make separate tools, as it seeks to increase revenue.

Mohapatra expects an infusion of these technologies to make them more appealing to customers and increase the uptake of these product categories, resulting in a boost in revenue per customer.

Adobe launches Firefly, its own generative AI tool
Adobe has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence tool called Firefly that will let users type commands to quickly generate text and images, according to a blog post published Tuesday. Developed using hundreds of millions of photos, the first Firefly model is designed to generate images…

The company achieved a revenue of $4.66 billion in the first quarter of FY23 and aims to grow its income stream in the present quarter.

Earlier last week, Adobe announced the beta launch of its new generative AI model, Firefly, which is focused on generating images and text.

Additionally, Adobe partnered with NVIDIA to co-develop a new generation of advanced generative AI models, with a focus on integration with tools and applications that creators and marketers worldwide use. The company also introduced Adobe Express for Enterprise and a Content Supply Chain solution.