AfriBlocks, a pan-African freelance talent marketplace, has partnered with KyckGlobal to offer the Visa push-to-card payment method to freelancers in Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, and Namibia.

The move aims to address the limited financial infrastructure and high transaction costs that African freelancers often face when receiving payments from international clients.

The integration streamlines the payment process, fosters financial inclusion, and enhances the gig-economy technology infrastructure on the continent.

AfriBlocks plans to expand access to the Visa push-to-card payment method to more African countries, while also adding additional cross-border payment methods from the KyckGlobal platform in the future, including Visa push-to-account, wires, and international ACH.

The company seeks to provide affordable payment solutions to African contractors, creating transparency and trust among its users.

Tongayi Choto, AfriBlocks CEO, said the partnership with KyckGlobal advances the development of new solutions to meet the challenges faced by African freelancers in the digital economy.

Donald Boeding, KyckGlobal CEO, added that faster and more reliable cross-border payments level the playing field of the digital economy and AfriBlocks is well-positioned to foster greater financial inclusion for freelancers across Africa.