Moove, the Nigerian-founded mobility fintech startup, has reportedly let go of a portion of its workforce across all of its markets.

A source close to the company says that the layoffs took place in Nigeria last month, without warning. It remains unclear exactly how many employees were affected by the move.

However, Moove claims in a statement that these were not layoffs but dismissals of a group of employees "due to issues related to performance as well as gross misconduct."

"With regards to those employees dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct, it is important to highlight that such breaches of policies and gross misconduct can have serious consequences on the livelihoods of Moove customers, and is something that cannot be taken lightly. As such, we enforce a zero-tolerance approach to gross misconduct and remain firmly committed to adhering to this policy across all business areas," the statement read.

Per Techpoint Africa, Moove paid a three-month base salary as severance pay to the affected employees on the condition that they'd sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and waivers preventing them from taking legal action in the future.

The startup, however, insisted that this was only done as a gesture of goodwill.