Airtable, a company that offers software for creating databases and spreadsheets on the cloud without the need for coding, has announced that it will be laying off approximately 20% of its workforce, or 254 employees, across various teams including business development and engineering.

In an internal email, Airtable's CEO, Howie Liu, stated that the company will be shifting its focus from a "bottoms-up adopted product" to "bringing connected apps to large enterprises."

Along with the cuts to individual teams, Airtable's chief revenue officer, chief people officer, and chief product officer will also be leaving the company. The impacted employees will receive at least 16 weeks of severance pay, accelerated equity vesting, and support from an immigration counsel if on a visa.

This year has been marked by a high number of tech sector layoffs, with the final quarter of the year seeing particularly significant reductions in the workforce.

Last week, Plaid and Buzzfeed laid off 20% and 14% of their workforce respectively, citing macroeconomic pressures. These cuts represent some of the largest percentage reductions in the workforce since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.