The next time you are shopping on Amazon, and you're beginning to feel overwhelmed scrolling through tons of reviews on the microwave you plan to get, there is now a new AI feature about to help you simplify your shopping.

Exclusively available on Amazon, this innovative feature streamlines the review process, picking out recurring themes and summarizing them into a concise paragraph on the product detail page. The AI basically scans product reviews and insights and condenses them for you to make a quick decision.

It's like having a shopping assistant that highlights the important stuff about a product and saves you from spending time reading through individual reviews.

The AI-generated review summaries are accessible to a select group of U.S. mobile shoppers, covering a wide range of products. However, Amazon has big plans to fine-tune and expand this feature, welcoming more shoppers and adding various product categories in the near future, "based on customers' feedback", it says.

This comes amidst the intensifying competition in the tech world's race towards advanced AI. The e-commerce giant has since been looking for ways to integrate more artificial intelligence into its product offerings.

Alongside the AI-generated reviews, they're introducing a product insights feature. This tool empowers customers to uncover shared themes within reviews, offering a comprehensive view of what others say about a product.