Tech giant Apple has increased its production of iPhones in India to nearly 7%, according to Bloomberg.

Last fiscal year, the company reportedly assembled more than $7 billion worth of iPhones in India, a significant jump from the estimated 1% of iPhones produced in the country in 2021.

Apple exported $2.5B worth of iPhones from India as part of its diversification from China
Apple has exported iPhones worth more than $2.5 billion from India between April and December, almost double the amount for the previous fiscal year, as the company looks to diversify its supply chain amid rising geopolitical tensions with China.

This move is part of Apple's efforts to diversify its supply chain and reduce its dependence on China. The company has expanded its partnerships with manufacturers like Foxconn Technology Group and Pegatron Corp. to increase production in India.

Apple's increased production in India is part of its broader strategy to diversify its supply chain and reduce dependence on China, where the company has faced challenges such as rising labour costs and geopolitical tensions.