Apple says it reached 900 million subscriptions across its services in 2022, according to a company blog post.

This includes subscriptions to popular services such as its movie streaming service, Apple TV Plus, and its music streaming service, Apple Music. Contributions from the company's other services include Apple Arcade, Apple News Plus, iCloud Plus, Apple Books, Apple Fitness Plus and others.

Source: Apple

It's unclear which of the services contributed the most to the milestone, however, Apple confirmed that the subscription on its App Store drove a significant portion of the more than 900 million paid subscriptions across its services.

The big tech also announced that its music streaming service, Apple Music, now features over 100 million songs, as well as several other wins and achievements relating to its services in the blog.

With the current pace of subscription growth driven by its wide range of entertainment options and attractive propositions for customers looking for a convenient and integrated way to access music, TV shows, gaming, and fitness classes, it is only a matter of time before the company reaches 1 billion paid subscriptions across its services.