Ride-hailing platform, 99, is accelerating its push towards sustainable mobility in Brazil with plans to significantly increase the number of electric cars available to its customers over the next year.

The company, which operates as Uber's biggest rival in the country, has set an ambitious goal of having 1,000 electric vehicles on its platform by this time next year, more than doubling its current fleet.

According to Thiago Hipolito, 99's Director for Innovation, the company has successfully closed its first year of the partnership with 485 electric vehicles running via its platform. It also currently has 750,000 monthly active drivers.

However, the company is keen to double this number over the next 12 months and aggressively expand its electric offering across the country outside Sao Paulo, where it is only currently available as it seeks to establish itself as a key player in the electric vehicle ride-hailing market in Brazil.

In the medium to long term, 99 has set an ambitious target to have 10,000 electric cars on its platform by 2025 and a 100% electric fleet by 2030.

99, which has raised $244.3 million to date, was acquired by the Chinese mobility group Didi Chuxing back in January 2018.