Canva, the Australian online graphic design platform, has launched Canva for Campus, a new paid subscription specifically for universities and colleges.

The subscription gives students, faculty, staff, and campus administrators access to Canva’s full suite of tools, including professional and educational templates, millions of stock images, videos, audio, infographics, and more. With Canva for Campus, students, faculty, staff, and other departments are divided into “teams” and each team gets 1TB of storage.

Canva for Campus is an extension of Canva for Education, which gives teachers and students free access to Canva’s premium features. The company claims that more than 30 million students and teachers across the globe use Canva for Education. Canva for Campus is now available for all higher education institutions worldwide.

Pricing for the new subscription varies depending on the total student body size. Users only pay for staff accounts, and once a certain threshold of staff licenses has been purchased, students get free access. Canva co-founder and chief product officer Cameron Adams explained that if a college or university has a student population of 5,000 and it purchases 60 staff licenses, all these students then get free access.