Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), Africa's largest innovation hub, has launched a $15 million accelerator program named "The Edtech Fellowship Program." It will back and support 72 startups across Nigeria and Kenya for the next three years, according to a statement from the company.

The program aims to amplify the impact of edtech startups and support founders who offer tech solutions to address learning innovation in an educational sector riddled with a plethora of issues. The sub-Saharan region has the most children out of school with about 98 million children and young people excluded from education, per this report. Even for those in school, the quality of education is abysmal, making education a fertile ground for edtech startups in the region.

The fellowship program will target startups in Nigeria and Kenya, two of the continent's biggest edtech markets, and fund solutions that play outside of tutorial apps and platforms emphasizing rote learning. The program will also provide startups with initial capital of $100,000 to access during the program.

The company aims to help edtech startups by providing shared resources, such as a product development team, government relations team, pedagogy and learning science team, portfolio management team, communication team, instructional design team, and community building team.

CcHUB, which has run several edtech initiatives and backed successful and failed edtech startups in the past, is optimistic about discovering such solutions across K-12, tertiary, and skills-to-jobs markets.