Singapore-based cybersecurity startup SquareX has raised a $6 million seed round led by Sequoia Capital Southeast Asia, to revolutionize browser-based cybersecurity.

Founded by serial cybersecurity entrepreneur Vivek Ramachandran, SquareX offers a purpose-built security plug-in that integrates seamlessly with web browsers and enables users to keep their identities safe and private – especially with the existing generation of cybersecurity products ill-equipped to combat the current generation of cyber threats.

The Saas platform integrates with the browser as an extension and monitors and protects users while they go about their online activities. It allows users to open links and files within disposable browsers, that serve as temporary container sandboxes. The headless browsers run in SquareX’s data centres so threats don’t reach users’ computers and they don’t need to worry about their personal information being exposed.

According to the company, it will be launching a beta version of its solution for a limited set of users beginning in May this year.

In the midst of an AI revolution that has seen the rise of malicious code, SquareX is one of the cybersecurity startups that has emerged with a groundbreaking solution that it says "is empowering consumers to be fearless online and take control of their own security on the internet."

The startup says it will use the funding for research and development and go-to-market strategies and to make a browser-based cybersecurity product.