The next time you hail a taxi in Dubai, you could be hopping into a Tesla Model 3. That's because Arabia Taxi has just added 269 Teslas to its fleet.

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with Tesla Motors, the company, which is a subsidiary of the Economic Group, plans to move to a fully electric and carbon-free fleet in the future.

Its parent company owns the largest fleet of private taxi vehicles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has been making strides towards environmentally friendly hybrid engine technology, with 83% of its current fleet operating with such engines. The remaining vehicles will be converted into fully electric cars, and the company is also looking into hydrogen-powered vehicles as part of its strategic plan.

Arabia Taxi aims to continue its partnership with Tesla and other electric car manufacturers to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options to its clients.

This strategic transformation towards a sustainable transportation industry aligns with the Dubai government's initiative to reduce its carbon footprint and improve air quality in the emirate over the next five years.