In recent times, technology has proven to be a tool for transformation and revolutionizing every industry.

In the logistics sector, it gives vendors access to a wide range of and offers customers access to a smooth, streamlined digital logistical process that makes it simple for them to schedule, control, and track their shipments online in real-time.

Committed to using this technology and data analytics to unlock the supply and demand dynamics of the logistic industry Transportr, a UAE-based logistics platform has completed an eight-figure seed funding round, led by Ittihad Ventures Holding, the VC arm of Ittihad International Investment, along with Industrial Capital Group.

Transportr set out to create a comprehensive digital logistics ecosystem for customers and vendors in the UAE that could be expanded into the GCC and MENA more broadly through a commitment to the use of technology and data analytics to unlock the supply and demand dynamics within the entire supply chain.

Overall, Transportr's modern, effective, and customer-focused supply chain management strategy significantly contributed to the change in the logistics industry in the United Arab Emirates. The company aims to continue rising to an even more significant place in the global logistics ecosystem as it grows, innovates, and expands its services.

Since it was founded in 2020, Transportr has served as a premier, multimodal digital freight marketplace, connecting shippers and carriers across multiple industries with end-to-end services, and making the process of moving goods more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective.