E-commerce giant eBay has appointed Vidmay Naini as its general manager for global emerging markets, responsible for overseeing its growth in Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Israel, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

In his 18 years with the company, Naini has overseen eBay’s strategic investment in Flipkart and led its Southeast Asia and India businesses. The appointment comes as eBay seeks to expand its reach in emerging markets, where small and medium-sized businesses are driving growth in the digital economy.

eBay’s 2022 Southeast Asia Small Online Business Trade Report found that 99% of all small businesses on eBay export items to an average of 25 different international markets annually.

In Southeast Asia, 68% of eBay-enabled small businesses in six countries export to 10 or more international markets. Naini expects eBay’s business in the region to grow substantially in the coming years.